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truffaut's Journal

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4th May 2006

_etaoinshrdlu4:08am: bonjour, tout le monde.

i'm here because you all like francois truffaut. and because no one wants to talk (rather listen) to me about this. i wonder if you've all seen the wes anderson commercial already? i did and it bothered me. at what point does homage become an-unoriginal-idea-for-no-other-sake? he makes truffaut references a lot and that's fine, i loved the royal tenenbaums and i love his style, but what's the point of copying day for night?

what do the rest of you think?
watch it here if you haven't seen it

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23rd March 2006


some nice quotes from the book of the collected correspondance of francois (i checked it out from my school's library forever ago and i've been reading it on and off for months):

"if you spend your life travelling, the time must pass quite quickly, more so in any case than when you're studying."
age 19

"my plans? you ask me what my plans are. i don't have any except to pick up my life where it left off, any old job that pays, my books, movies, theatre (i'm going to go much more often) and music. but, alas, you won't be there. it makes me awfully sad, you know...never will i be as close to anyone as i was to you."
age 18

"one doesn't choose one's memories, insignificant moments remain etched in the mind, all of which means that, no matter how annoyed you are, and i can well understand how you might be, let's not fall out, we just have to work everything out..."

"i think too much, it tires me out."

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16th October 2005

biberkopf_bear3:44pm: Share your thoughts on "Jules et Jim"

"Jules et Jim" is the featured film to rank and critique today.  Check it out and participate!



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3rd September 2005

llivejournal5:18am: truffaut poll
François Truffaut is today's featured director at dailydirector. Click here to vote. And the community always needs more members, so please join if interested.

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31st August 2005


as part of a series celebreating mary france pisier, the fiaf in new york city is screening love on the run (l'amour en fuite) and antoine et colette on Setpember 20th at 12:30, 4, 7pm. more info here. be there or be square.
Current Mood: happy

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5th April 2005

testpatern3:52pm: Totally Truffaut -- 8-30 April, 2005 at Ciné Lumière [London]

The Institut Français in London is hosting a François Truffaut retrospective that looks to be incroyable!  There are loads of special events, documentaries, slide shows, readings, talks, an exhibition, and, of course all of Truffaut’s shorts and feature films. 

The Institut Français has also invited actors, critics and directors to introduce their favourite Truffaut film. Among those taking part will be: Stephen Frears, Mike Leigh, Mike Figgis, Nicolas Roeg, Kika Markham, Julian Barnes, Serge Toubiana (director of the Cinémathèque française), Paul Duncan (film editor) and Carole le Berre (writer).


Totally Truffaut - A Complete Retrospective
8-30 April at Ciné Lumière [London]


Current Mood: satisfied

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9th December 2004

outcastspice6:47pm: hi all!

so i remember seeing this shot in one of Truffaut's films, it's a close up of his finger as he pushes the doorbell... but i can't remember which film it is!! help?



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14th November 2004

flankid7:00pm: salut!

i was in new york city over the weekend and picked up a lovely book.

i flipped out when i found it sitting on a table. i was looking at a book by the same company for antonini and thought "they should make a book like this for truffaut". and alas, they did. it has a ton of pictures, quotes, insight, analysis and covers every single film. there's a really interesting part about consistent themes and visual motifs in all the movies. it's here on amazon. well worth the $20 i'd say.

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18th October 2004


bonjour tout le monde.

thanks to testpatern for telling us about the leaud festival in paris this month. more info here.

ah, how i wish i were in paris right now...

anything else going on?

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testpatern3:05pm: L'enfant terrible
Cinémathèque Française in Paris is having a Jean-Pierre Léaud festival this month -- Jean-Pierre Léaud: L'enfant terrible du cinéma moderne.

Current Mood: excited

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26th January 2004

waitsfortherain8:34pm: An Oscar for Fanny Ardant!!
Callas Forever is a silly film based on too far-fetched an idea. It might easily be the kind of film that people see and forget. But it isn't. It's a rare experience, as very seldom comes the way of anyone who cares for films, and, especially, for actors. The reason is Fanny Ardent's absolutely breathtaking performance as Maria Callas.

Fanny Ardent is by any standars a truly great actress, in the tradition of Simone Signoret and Jeanne Moreau. Her performance in La Femme d'à Côté, directed by her husband François Truffaut, made it quite clear, twenty years ago, that the French cinema had another actress of that stature. Since then, she has been seen in one great performance after the other.

As it often happens with this kind of performer, she never forsook the stage, something that Parisian playgoers never cease to be grateful for. Some time ago (five years, if I'm not mistaken), she was the natural choice to play Callas on the stage in the French production of the Broadway hit Master Class. Those who saw it went as far as saying that no other actress who had done the play was more magical as Callas as Fanny Ardent.

The story goes that it was the sight of Ardent in Master Class that triggered Zefirelli's idea to make Callas Forever. If so, we can only be grateful to this otherwise uneven director for generating a masterpiece of a performance, one that is impossible to forget. Surely, Fanny Ardent as Maria Callas is on its way to becoming one of the legendary performances in the history of movies.

The Academy Award nominations will come out in a few hours. If Fanny Ardent in Callas Forever is not announced as one of the five names in the leading actress category, the academy will once again be showing to the world how important, from time to time, it is for their members to act freakishly. Like so many times before. Like in 1972, when everybody wondered if Dirk Bogarde was going to get the Oscar itself for Death in Venice, or just a nomination. The nominations came out and he was ignored.

Somewhat fervently, I hope Fanny Ardent does get her nomination.

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17th July 2003


a very nice site. it's in spanish though.

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13th July 2003

king_dong11:00am: Ok, I don't know if any of you care, but I figured out how to play "Le Tourbillion"(from Jules et Jim) on guitar. Basically, through the whole thing you just switch off arpegiating "C" and "G7" chords. The song is really pretty simple and fun.

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12th July 2003

flankid4:38pm: hi, i was watching bed & board this afternoon and they kept talking about cutting the pages of books (and i realized i had no idea what this means).

once, when antoine was saying he never gets bored he mentions "cutting the pages of books" as something he could do all day.

and again then when christine is holding the baby and they are both watching antoine on his way to the bathroom. he picks up a book and she says "he takes a book with him that doesn't have cut pages" and then he takes a knife as well.

i'm confused.

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3rd July 2003

filmgeek11:32am: French New Wave community is created
Everyone join my new community. It's called french_new_wave. Honestly, it's the best community on the web (and I'm being modest of course).
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2nd July 2003

flankid6:44pm: i was bored so i made this:

and put it in the user info. ciao.

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1st July 2003

filmgeek8:52pm: Okay, does anyone have the Truffaut music CD with all this George Delerue and Antoine Duhamel music. It's really great. They also have the theme songs to Love at 20 and Love on the Run. The Love on the Run one is very funny (and 70s). If you don't have it, you should get it because the music's great.

Oh yeah, and does anyone know if there's a French New Wave music CD? I've been looking for one for the longest time.

P.S. I hope that that was a sufficient post, flankid. Oh yeah, if it's okay, I'm friending you. If it's not, then tell me and I'll undo it.
Current Mood: I'm okay, thanks

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flankid5:30pm: how many of you have read the book?

one day i walked into a book store and i saw a copy of it lying on a shelf (in the atlases section, where i was looking). i had no idea who truffaut was or what he had done but he looked so adorable on the cover that i bought the book within a few minutes (without even opening it up). i spent the next week reading the book. ever since then, i have been infatuated. now, the outside cover is tattered and i covered it in newspaper (like liliane in love on the run). the end.

au revoir.

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30th June 2003

flankid1:07am: all those who adore truffaut, say i.


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28th June 2003

flankid2:22am: ça va?
2 new icons for the community.


tell me what you think of them.

also, an interesting article. well, i found it interesting. (it is working now.)

anything else? if you have any suggestions or ideas of any sort, leave a comment. if you are interested in making a better layout, let me know.

adieu, mes amis.

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20th June 2003

filmgeek9:47am: Bed and Board and Antoine and Nicolette
So I saw two Truffaut movies this week even though my finals were going on. I saw Bed and Board and Antoine and Nicolette. I really like Bed and Board but I thought that Antoine and Nicolette was just okay. I know she's supposed to be, but I just thought that the actress who played Nicolette was just so cold. I still think that 400 Blows and Stolen Kisses are my favorite in the series.
Current Mood: amused

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14th June 2003

ohblast9:24pm: there is a stray black cat that wanders around the neighbourhood.

i feed him. (so he likes me.)

i've named him truffaut.
i'd watched Mississippi Mermaid that evening
and this kitty is sleek and chic, as are all of Ts movies.

so now i have a little cat-friend who i call truffaut.
if he knew, i'm sure he'd like it.

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