v (flankid) wrote in truffaut,

some nice quotes from the book of the collected correspondance of francois (i checked it out from my school's library forever ago and i've been reading it on and off for months):

"if you spend your life travelling, the time must pass quite quickly, more so in any case than when you're studying."
age 19

"my plans? you ask me what my plans are. i don't have any except to pick up my life where it left off, any old job that pays, my books, movies, theatre (i'm going to go much more often) and music. but, alas, you won't be there. it makes me awfully sad, you know...never will i be as close to anyone as i was to you."
age 18

"one doesn't choose one's memories, insignificant moments remain etched in the mind, all of which means that, no matter how annoyed you are, and i can well understand how you might be, let's not fall out, we just have to work everything out..."

"i think too much, it tires me out."
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